My First Quarter Life Crisis

Quarter Life Crisis  A Quarter Life Crisis put simply is your transition to adulthood which can cause stress and uncertainty. The uncertainty can be caused by moving away from your family home environment that {…}

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Are you Hiding, Waiting or Both?

I had a realisation a couple of weeks ago that I have been hiding and waiting. I hear you say Hiding from what, Mandy? Waiting for what, Mandy? Hiding The way I dress – {…}

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That Niggly Feeling…& What it is trying to show you

It took me 3 years (at least) to ‘make a decision’ about my career   It all started when a coach provocatively asked me,   But Mandy, what do you want? What do you {…}

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UPDATED | What does a PASSION filled life mean to me?

When I originally wrote this blog post it came from the heart.  I truly believed my process helped me live my most passionate life every day. In my 9-5 I have been doing a {…}

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Lessons come from Unexpected places

I have just had a friend send me a picture on Snapchat of her toddler hiding behind a curtain with the caption “this makes me invisible.” I sent back this picture wishing I could {…}

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